Resources From The Recipe

Thanks for getting your copy of The Social Media Recipe.  I appreciate your business and I look forward to hearing from you soon about how things went!

The references in the book update frequently.  If you find anything that doesn't seem correct, message me here.


  1. You can find Facebook financials on their Investor Relations page: Reference earlier earning's reports for Facebook's usage declarations.
  2. Here's the most recent edition of Perry Marshall's Ultimate Guide to Google Adwords. Still an excellent read! I recommend it frequently to business owners:
  3. You can read Kevin Kelly's essay on his home page.  Also an excellent read!
  4. No link for this note.  Just confirmation that good business applies to everything you do, whether you're a global software company, or one person with one brand (you).
  5. I don't see Ash Mauyra do much with Lean Canvas anymore, but you can still find links to it from his site: There is also plenty about the technique on the Web now, besides Ash Maurya's original work.
  6. Perry Marshall and his team went on to write The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. It's good. It's outdated, even though it was written the same year I read it (2016), but most of the principles are sound.  It's worth your time if you want to learn more!
  7. Again, note the disclaimer: these strategies and tactics work, they work well, I use them myself...I'm only presenting educational material though, and cannot guarantee any results for you.
  8. Here's a series of Page Posting tips from Facebook: They want you to be successful. They want your ads to work because they want you to keep paying them. Surf through their help docs. They have a lot of good stuff.

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