What's In The Course?

1.) Quick start: setting up the right campaigns.

2.) Facebook tweaks that work better for your business and budget.

3.) About the images that drive your ads, and how to cut your costs significantly.

4.) What is split testing, how do you do it, and why you'll suffer if you don't.

5.) The magic of organic traffic and how to measure it.

6.) When things are working right, how do you ramp this up?

7.) Seriously, you can't ignore the images you're using on Facebook!

8.) A deeper dive on the leverage of split testing.

9.) The power of a hyper targeted audience at the doorstep of your business.

10.) How can automated marketing work for you 24/7?

11.) How do you work everything we covered into a larger automated marketing system that churns leads and revenue for you all day?

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