Do You Want More Customers?

Are you tired of coming up dry from advertising attempts? Do you want to bring ten new customers to your business, daily, no searching on your part?

There's a Better Way!

I’ve been here before, and I’ve helped other businesses in the same spot as well. You can bring more customers to you. You can do this the smart way with automated marketing and integrated business systems. This is what The Social Media Recipe is all about.

An Example:

When I was working with performers in New York City, this was our number one dilemma. We needed to reach more people. The competition was fierce, and the margins were low, but I knew there was a way!

We built a fan page of over 1,500 people using the third strategy in The Social Media Recipe:

 HKL Page 1,500 fans +

It was a huge success. We focused on fan stewardship (“1,000 True Fans”) which brought fans back into NYC multiple times a year.  

I talk more in depth about "1,000 True Fans" in The Social Medial Recipe. and how the paradigm affects your business.

When I left that comedy production company in 2013, there were tourists flying back from Europe the next month to come see my business partner and his shows again. True fans.

But That's Comedy. Does it Work for "Real" Businesses?

It does. Really well. Years later, when my wife and I opened a ranch in Colorado, I branded the Ranch and built a following of 1,500+ fans in a matter of weeks. Effortlessly. All using the Recipe.

I branded my own ranch:

 High Five Ranch business page.  1,500+  Grows 20 new "fans" per day.

Today people show up at our door randomly asking us for eggs. the Recipe generates leads, and it does it well.

I’ve done this for Network Marketers:

 Christina Nobles business page, 1,200+ fans in 11 days.

Leads started coming to her automatically after putting the Recipe in action!

On the same day Christina Nobles hit 700 fans, she got two unsolicited inquiries about her business and what she does. The questions continue to hit her inbox, bringing prospects to her, and eliminating the struggle of reaching out to the "inner-circle" five times a day.

Would you like people messaging you daily asking about your business opportunity?

I’ve done this for other farms in Colorado:

 Honeybadger Farms, original "Recipe" users. 1,000+ fans in few weeks.

Cole and Dan drive the conversations in their market now. They reach more people when they have events, and drive more business to their livestock sales. Cole chose the slower version of The Social Media Recipe with results that were just as strong! There is flexibility built into the The Social Media Recipe. You can do this too.

Ok... How Does it Work?

The Recipe is simple. It’s easy to follow, and it does one thing really well: it builds a pool of leads around your brand and business that is interested in the things you offer, and it automates your prospecting efforts! You wake up every day with 10-15 new leads to reach out to and build rapport with.

The Recipe and Explanation

I used to circulate a document that I called “The Recipe” as a two page outline. The outline gave a quick run-through of how to increase social media exposure for your business. I'd meetup at a bar or coffee shop with the business owners and spend about two hours with them walking them through the steps.

The Recipe Expanded

This outline kept getting passed around, and I kept getting the same questions, so I expanded the outline into a complete guide. You get that two hour consult now in what has become the expanded recipe, The Social Media Recipe. I wrote it by request from these business owners.

You can have it now as an instant download.

How Much? 

The book contains everything I address in-person with a business owner. It is effectively those previous consultations packaged up for you, available right now.

Download it now for $19


Will it actually work for you?

This is a question I get asked a lot.  The answer is not always yes...but it normally is.  If you provide a service, or if you sell a product to a clearly defined audience or marketplace, you can benefit from increasing your audience and prospect pool.  This will work for you.

If you are an interior designer, for example, this will work for you.  If you sell chickens, hogs, or other niche products, this will work for you. If you provide a service directly to clientele, and you know that audience well, this will definitely work for you!

...if you want to sell a new product, but are unsure of who really wants to buy it, this book is not a good choice for you right now.

If you have value to offer a marketplace, know your product or service is good, and know who will benefit most from that product or service, this book is for you!

Still concerned this might not be for you?

I encourage you to question and test everything. That’s a big part of the Recipe. I know that this recipe works, that this method is scalable, and that the results are quick and measurable.  

I’m confident in this method, I want to see you use it, and I want to see you succeed. You can try The Social Media Recipe today without any risk at all.  Order it, try it, and if it doesn’t meet or exceed your expectations in any way, simply email me within 60 days, and I’ll immediately issue a refund.

You Should Try It.

Getting started is simple. Just click the Download It Now button below to open a secure checkout page in a new tab. As soon as you complete the order for $19, you’ll have instant access to The Social Media Recipe.  Try it now.


Interested in Bonuses?

I’m a big fan of The Social Media Recipe myself, needless to say. It’s worked for me, and it’s worked many times. What I love even more though is seeing other businesses implement it and build really cool channels of value!  

To help you along, if you order the Recipe now, I’ll include my 11-Day Hand-Holding email series to walk you through the Recipe like I would for a full-service client.

Get in-depth updates on:

  • Best ways to get started
  • How to optimize your ads and save you money
  • What makes your ads more effective than others
  • The things that matter most to your viewers
  • How to turn your new 1,000 fans into sales

In addition to the hand-holding series, I’ll deduct the cost of your purchase from the first hour of consultation with me via Skype. Email me your receipt when you’re requesting the consult and we’ll setup a time together to go over your systems. We'll look at how to make them work best for your business. Tap into 16 years of business IT experience for 35% off of the first hour.  

Lastly, order now and I’ll give you access to a bonus kick-off video just for book owners that will walk you through setting up your first two campaigns.  This is you and me with a camera over my shoulder going over the crucial first steps to get you going in the right direction.

Some important points in this video:

  • How to setup your campaign to make sure you’re only paying for results from Facebook.
  • Examples of what worked really well, and what failed miserably.
  • Important tips on what posts to boost, and what posts aren’t working out at all!

No Risk, Easy to Start

I’m going to include these bonuses at no additional cost, but they’re only available on a first-come, first-served basis. Once demand is too high, I’m going to have to limit Skype consultations, and increase the hourly rate.

Click the Download It Now button below to go to a secure checkout page. As soon as you complete the order form for $19, you’ll have instant online access to The Social Media Recipe and instructions to claim your special offers.


What Are Other People Saying?

I can’t get enough of what Chad did for my brand page! He walked me through every step of building a lead generating system and in 10 days we had 1,000+ new likes for my Christina Nobles page.
— Christina Nobles, New Orleans, LA, Facebook Review
Chad is amazingly knowledgeable and yet can easily disseminate his valuable expertise to anyone trying to grow their business via social media. He showed us how to cultivate customers that may not have found us otherwise and the results started happening immediately.
— Coleen Schaefer, Broomfield, CO, Facebook Review
I have worked with Chad many times over the last few years. Every time has been an exceptional experience. When my website went down, he went above and beyond to help me out. I appreciate his help and would recommend him to anyone.
— Jeremy Peppin, Orlando, FL, LinkedIn Review
Chad provided consultantacy for an OEM project we developed, his keen eye for detail and problem solving skills were second to none. Without the help and guidance Chad provided the project would have been fraught with risk and uncertainty.
— Dan Smith, Birmingham, U.K., LinkedIn Review
...he was a so professional, precise, fast and patient (i do a huge amount of questions) that development of software goes really smooth. Thank you Chad for support.
— Mario Pucci, Milan, Italy, LinkedIn Review

Download Your Copy

Click the Download It Now button below to open a secure checkout window in a new tab. Complete the checkout for $19 and you'll have instant access to the Recipe.  

It's straight forward, it's effective, it's an easy read, and it's risk free. 60-day money-back guarantee.  Bring more leads to you, build a system that grows your business' reach, and increases your business presence on social media.