Day 2: Starting Point (Professional Debugger)

Thirty day challenges, one hundred day challenges, are all rife with incredible success stories, but they often neglect the starting point. A guy puts on 20 pounds of muscle in 30 days and everyone is amazed...they forget to factor in regrowth. If that person had already built those muscles and let them atrophy, it’s much easier for him to get them back...he’s at a different starting point.

Starting Point

I’m already on a six day coding streak (to be clear though, this 100 Days of Code is not about a streak, it's about proficiency). I decided that I would pick coding back up again after ranting about the full-stack co-founder unicorn to a fellow founder and coming to terms with the fact that they’re in demand (and not Technical Program Managers).

Some background leading up to here:

  • I bought my first book on Java in 1999 when I was 16...had no idea what I was looking at, but I had been tinkering with computers and Internet since we had our first computer in the living room hooked up to dial-up and AOL. The kids will never know what they missed! ;)
  • I built my first website with HTML in 2000 following along with another book.
  • As a technician in the Coast Guard I wrote and troubleshot batch scripts for Image deployments, etc. I was an IT for 12 years supporting everything from network infrastructure to workstation / server admin in a Windows environment (NT - 2003).
  • I was hand coding a blog in 2004 before they were widely called weblogs (blogs), and eventually moved over to Squarespace.
  • I became an avid CSS debugger / mod supporting my Squarespace sites.
  • Most of my undergrad classes were tech or MIS related. I’ve completed the basics: Java 101, Relational Databases, etc.
  • I’ve used SQL (and flavors of it) extensively in my civilian jobs supporting various integration technologies.
  • I’ve put in hours of PHP debugging to support web based eCommerce systems.
  • I consider myself fluent in HTML, CSS, SOAP, REST, XML, and JSON, if you can call those languages.
  • I’m familiar with PHP, JS, EDI, Java, XSLT, MySQL, and regex.
  • I still actively support web services and troubleshoot developers’ code.

The background above is really helpful in learning, but it also has a downside. The beginnings of new courses are really boring.

Console.log (“Hello world.”);

Hello world intros do not put a sparkle in my eye o.O Pressing through the early lessons is my biggest challenge when I try to take on formal learning.

My current goal is to finish the JS course on Code Academy and knock out their Console and Git courses (I completed the HTML and CSS ones a couple months ago) so that I can dive into Free Code Camp’s program. It looks pretty interesting and I’m eager to dive in! Down the line, I might consider a Galvanize course, but the portfolio building side of Free Code Camp seems more valuable to a profession shift at this point. We’ll see!

Today's Log and Notes

 Something is wrong in this condition... Not sure what it is right now.

Something is wrong in this condition... Not sure what it is right now.

  • Awsnap! .toUpperCase() .toLowerCase() solves that prompt cAsE issue! :)
  • Array of arrays...Jagged arrays O.O
  • Intro to objects...hark back to OOP.
  • unexpected token so far has always been a semi-colon where it should be a comma -__-
  • Objects within objects. I like the object constructor.
  • You can go a couple levels deep in object constructor O.O
  • The for/in loops went right over my head! :-/

Time Coding: 1 hour 43 mins.

Pushups: 15 (I had to sneak into an empty office to get them done today o.O)