Day 1: #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfPushups

Two days ago I sat in on New Tech Boulder's monthly meeting. Just before the first speaker, Robert Reich (host) asked the crowd, "Who in here is an engineer? ...awesome. What about Finance guys? Any designers in the crowd? ...alright."

You know who he didn't ask about? Technical Program Managers. Product Managers. Product Owners. Business Analysts... The guys that bridge the gap between dev resources and business stakeholders. No shout out. Not a thought.

Later on in the meetup as people announced what they were doing and what they were looking for, three times the person speaking ended with "...and we're looking for a full-stack developer to be a co-founder." First off, I have huge problems with the unicorn term "full-stack co-founder" but that's a separate rant. This was the third such epiphany for me in the last ten days or so where I realized that my BA function was only really valuable in the corporate world.

I'm a fan of accepting reality and not fighting strong trends. Right now "full-stack co-founders" and "MVP's" are trends, and convincing every entrepreneur out there that they can get more done by hiring a focused team of specialized developers is a losing battle. (Division of labor anyone?!)

I'm currently an IT by trade and a Technical Program Manager by profession. That is synonymous with Product Owner, Product Manager, Business Analyst...whatever the flavor of medium between technical world and business world is at your organization. I make a lot of money bridging the gap between tech and business, but there is something that's just not wholly fulfilling in not building things myself.

I decided to dust off the coding skills and shift into the developer world.

This is #100DaysOfCode ...and I added in #100DaysOfPushups to keep the blood flowing.

Today's Log and Notes:

 Codeacademy NaN lesson.

Codeacademy NaN lesson.

  • parenthesis matter -__-
  • Intro to NaN
  • Intro to switch statement
  • Default value in a prompt? O.O Cool.
  • Prompt values (to a switch match) are case sensitive -__-
  • introduced operators && || !. I already knew these.

Time coding: 45 mins.

Push-ups: 10