Day 17: Whiteboard Magic!

Met with a buddy who is going through Free Code Camp with me, and a friend of his who graduated from the Galvanize Web Developer program. We spent time walking through problem sets on the whiteboard. It's amazing the perspective change when you have to illustrate your thoughts and talk them out. If you've ever tried drumming or playing guitar, and then doing either while singing, you've got the idea. It adds an element of challenge that a lot of people never get to when they self study.

Write your problems out. Good stuff!

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Solved that Title Case challenges after whiteboarding it out.
  • Walked through a Flatten the Array challenge that someone else was whiteboarding.

Time Coding: 2 hours. Mainly conversation and brainstorming, reviewing whiteboard code, then testing it out in the console.

Pushups: 1. Slow, and held a 20 second plank on the way up. Also rode the bike 9 miles each way into Boulder and back.