Day 13: Into Algorithms

I wrapped up all of Free Code Camp's basic Javascript. Cool stuff at the end. I look forward to getting deeper into some of the OOP intros they ended with.

I also finished the Portfolio Site tonight. I wasn't trying to get fancy with it. I think Bootstrap is pretty damned cool, and I'm interested in building most of my future sites with it, but I'm also not really great at designing, and I'm ok with that. Not my biggest interest.

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Objects review (before getting into OOP).
  • Much better description of private properties than Code Academy, imo.
  • Map method, reduce, filter, sort, reverse, concatenate, split, and join. All new to me.
  • Good stuff there! Hoping to use much more of it!
  • Finished that second front end project. No styling on it besides bootstrap.

Time Coding: 1 hour 10 mins

Pushups: 12 slow.