Day 10: All the JavaScripts!

Cranking through the remainder of Free Code Camp's basic JS. I was at a Free Code Camp study group this morning at Galvanize in boulder. It was an excellent place to meet some cool coders of all background and levels. If you're not getting out there and meeting people, get out there! Just show up and say hi ;)

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Lots of Java review.
  • Multi-dimensional arrays again.
  • Mutable vs. non-mutable. New for me. Cool distinction.
  • Reviewed push for arrays.
  • .pop() arrays. Brand new for me! Cool.
  • .shift() arrays. Also new! #TIL #TIL :D
  • Parenthesis matter -__-
  • .unshift(). I'm on fire! :D
  • Review functions, review scope.
  • local vs. global preference. Good to know.
  • queues in functions / arrays.
  • equality operator
  • Strict equality vs. equality. I'm glad FCC clarified that! I was curious. Data type matters on strict equality.
  • Strict inequality. Nice.
  • Nested if statements to replace && || Whoa! O.O
  • Nested if else review
  • Review switch statements.
  • That Blackjack exercise was really cool!
  • Review Objects.
  • Bracket notation. Getting to object params through variable.

Time Coding: 2 hours 22 mins (not counting the meetup).

Pushups: 7. It's late o.O ...time for bed.