Day 9: Developers vs. Designers

 Image stolen from

Image stolen from

Do all developers make designers? I don't think so. I dislike designing, but I love developing. I like building things. I like figuring out problems. I hate choosing link colors or figuring out which <hr /> styling looks cool.

Don't sweat it if you can't figure out if stripes go with squares. Don't stop building. Find cool problems to solve and build cool shit. You're a developer even if you don't make pretty websites. There's a big wide world of engineering and building. Be a part of it...and savor the love / hate relationship with designers that will naturally grow :)

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Review of Java operators
  • Compound assignments that's what those things are called!
  • Back to FCC's second front-end exercise.
  • Java exercises. 

Time Coding: 2 hours 55 mins ...mainly tweaking styles on second FCC project o.O I hate designing -__-

Pushups: 5. Feeling lazy.