Day 8: Just a Log

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Started the Java Intros while I complete the last front-end project for two reasons:
    • It's really basic. I can get a headstart during project breaks.
    • Free Code Camp measures the streaks by exercises complete (3+ is dark green for that day) ;p
  • Free Code Camp's explanations (the education) is really, really good! This is more straight forward than any collegiate course I've taken on similar subjects!
  • Review of seven data types
  • The error validation is more detailed in Free Code Camp's editor (compared to Code Academy).
  • They're enforcing the ("everything to the right equals what's on the left of the equal sign...) using plain English which is a tricky exercise if this is your first time with variables. That's good. It's sticky learning.
  • Defined "initialize".
  • Working on Bootstrap page layouts.

Time Coding: 2 hours. Didn't get as much done on the second front-end project that I wanted. Day job in the way -__-

Pushups: 14