Day 7: Free Code Camp is Really Cool!

I really can't say enough great things about Free Code Camp! They've found a way to present overwhelming material and make it digestible, but not dumb it down. It's really a treat!

 Free Code Camp's intro to their first projects.

Free Code Camp's intro to their first projects.

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Wrapped up FCC's HTML basics, on to bootstrap and responsive design which I haven't played with much.
  • Bootstrap is really cool. I want to look much more at this!
  • Finished up Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  • Jumped into jQuery
  • jQueyr function chaining.
  • nth-child is tricky. It's not actually the nth-child of a parent, but nth-child of a target..
  • Finished jQuery primer in FCC. Onto first front-end assignment. It's a brief one-page doc about someone.
  • Footer in a blockquote adds the emdash for a quote (in Bootstrap) #MindBlown!
  • Finished the tribute page.

Time Coding: 3 hours 30 mins spread over four or five sessions. A lot of review today, but learned some really cool things about Bootstrap!

Pushups: 14