Day 34: Slippin' on that Streak! ;D

I missed a few days of updating here. I didn't miss all the days of coding or pushups, but I was definitely missing the logging.

I ran a mile yesterday. I'm trying to reintroduce it into my routine going into Winter. I've been in and out of code the last few days. The day job has been draining me though! I'm heading to Japan on business at the end of the week. Japan has been sucking up a lot of my time after normal US hours. It will be helpful to get together with them face-to-face.

Today's Log and Notes:

  • Did one of the advanced JS exercises in Free Code Camp.
  • Did one of the CS courses in FCC.
  • Have been hitting API's on a daily basis using Postman at the office.

Time Coding: 30 mins.

Pushups: 10.